Join In On The FUN! Tedd Tripp’s “Shepherding A Child’s Heart” Study!


So, I read a friend of mine’s blog post recently about parenting and just how hard it can be sometimes. I would love for you to check out her blog here. Anyways, in her post she mentioned Tedd Tripp’s book, “Shepherding A Child’s Heart” and it is a book that I have had in my kindle for quite a while now. My son is fast approaching the stage of disobedience and “terrible twos” as they call it and so when I read her post I felt like God was tugging on me and telling me that I needed to read this book. Afterall, I had already purchased the book and it was just sitting there waiting to be read! So, when I started reading it, just the preface and foreword, the thought came to me to ask some of my mom friends on Facebook to join me in a study. I have created a Facebook page where we can all come and ask questions and discuss the book together and I would love to invite you all to join us HERE. I think I will also post key discussions and questions on here if there is a group of women or parents who are interested in reading along and discussing but do not use Facebook. If there is enough response on here of people who do not use Facebook but would still love to discuss the book and kind of study together here on the World Wide Web I would love to do both. Just comment below so I know to post here as well!

I would love for us all to learn more about shepherding the hearts of our dear sweet children together. After all, my biggest goal in life as the mother to my son and future children is to lead them to our Savior so that he/they might honor and glorify the Lord in their lives.

I so hope you guys will join me as I learn how to parent in a way that is Biblical and will bring God all of the honor and Glory He deserves.

It is my hope in reading this book that I would not just view discipline as a way to control and reign in my child, but as a way to really look into his heart and also learn ways to use discipline and teaching as an opportunity to teach him about the Lord so he would come to know Jesus at a young age and run after HIM first and foremost.


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